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Spark Comic 92
May 25th, 2016
Spark Comic #92 - JoJordan

One of my aunt's nicknames for me is "Jojo". No wonder my life is such a bizarre adventure...

If you don't get this comic, you need to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. :)

When I go places, I seem to randomly bump into or see people that I know. I often feel like I can sense when someone I know is a general area just before they happen to find me somehow. It's very bizarre. Sometimes, I feel like I have a strange face on just before I realize who it is, because it takes me a moment to realize who exactly recognized me and sometimes I don't recognize them at all. A face that could be puzzled or not unlike this Dio stare as I wonder who it could possibly be calling my name. This particular comic was inspired by a recent moment where I was noticed by family members I hadn't seen in years. That being said, if I make that face, I don't mean anything by it and I'm usually happy to meet people when they see me. If you've seen or met me before, you know how much I like meeting and talking to people. After all, I am your Friendly Neighbourhood Sparky-Man! :)

Speaking of anime and meeting people, THIS WEEKEND IS ANIME NORTH! Really excited for this year. It just so happens that my music video Gundam Build Heroes has been accepted into the Anime North Anime Music Video Competition. I'm pretty excited since that's is something I've wanted to get into since I started making videos when I was 12. They won't tell me if I won anything, but they will show it at the Awards Ceremony on this Saturday if I'm a finalist or Sunday if I'm in the Honorable Mentions. Again, I'm not sure which. In any case, it'll be shown publicly at the convention and I'm happy about that. If you happen to recognize me somehow at Anime North, feel free to say hi. I promise I won't give you the Dio stare. ;)

Additionally, here's an alternate version of this comic.

See you next comic! :)