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Spark Comic 91
May 18th, 2015
Spark Comic #91 - Time Scare

When I was a student, I sometimes scared myself like this on the odd weekend or when I didn't have a class on certain days. It's pretty terrifying until you take a moment to realize, "Oh wait... I don't have to go anywhere today!", and drift back to sleep. In rare cases, I even got up and almost started getting ready before coming to that realization. Thankfully, I always realize it pretty quickly.

Now, however, this has kind of been my life over the past year. Just over a year ago, I started my last semester for my Masters which consists of no classes, just thesis work. At first, I did freak myself and think I had classes when I woke up. I also did it a few times when I took a personal sabatical for a few months after finishing my thesis. Now I'm finished my Masters, freelancing, and looking for full time work, and the realization that I can sleep in feels less foreign. Still, given how busy I've been lately, it harkens back to the old days of having to wake up early for things and honestly I miss that. I miss having the jobs and classes to run off to, which feels odd to admit. I'm positive that when my career gets in gear soon, I'll be missing these quiet days, but I look forward to waking up early and working when I find employment and making awesome work. When I get hired, I hope I don't scare myself like this too much on my days off.

I was presenting my game An/Other in the Hand Eye Society's Comics Vs Games Exhibit at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) this past weekend and it was far better than I ever dreamed. I got so much support from everyone who played. I met so many wonderful people, enjoyed talking to people about my game, and had an amazingly fun time. Much to my surprise, I was was tapped on the shoulder while I was exhibiting and it turned out to be a reporter from CityNews and I was featured on their Saturday newscast. All the attention and support I've been getting over An/Other has been absolutely overwhelming and I'm so happy it has positively affected so many people. Thanks to everyone for their support both for An/Other and for Spark Comics. If we met at TCAF over the weekend and you're checking out Spark Comics, welcome! I hope to keep making work that resonates with people and exhibit at TCAF again next year, hopefully as a comic artist for Spark Comics!

Additionally, I will be showing An/Other, again, next week at Game Furious. Feel free to come if you're in the Toronto area.

Only 9 more comics until we hit #100! Now I'm gonna go recover from TCAF and my Birthday yesterday by sleeping in... See you next comic! :)