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Spark Comic 44
July 6th, 2012
Spark Comic #44 - Meet the Cast

Hey there Sparky fans! My apologies for being so late with this week's comic, I've been both busy and in bad health for the past little while.

It occurred to me a while ago that I've never formally introduced any of the characters, outside of notes in the description for some of them. I thought that since this week is the 1 year anniversiary of my website that it would be the perfect time to do a rolecall.

Portraying all the characters here was quite difficult. Sure, I had had these designs decided upon a long time ago, but I had to update and redesign many of the characters to match my improved skill in drawing in this style. Some of these characters look almost NOTHING like their original incarnations (eg. Airadi was originally in Spark Comic #35 and looks totally different now). I included all the characters from Spark Comic #21 as well as a few others. I didn't include EVERY character I've used, but just the ones who either have had significant appearances or that I want to use in future comics.

In the past year though, I've noticed I seemed to have improved a lot. The comic looks much less crappy now than it did a year ago, characters are less boldened, I have a better hang of storytelling, my workflow has changed dramatically, and I've gotten kinda serious about this whole side-project experiment that I never thought would actually blossom into this. I do enjoy making these and I'm glad some people get enjoyment out of it. As long as people are laughing and enjoying it, I've done my job. I hope you enjoy my comics and continue to enjoy them for as long as I'm doing them.

See you next comic! :)

2016 Edit: In hindsight, this was a bad comic. I will never use most of these characters ever again lol